Price per person depend on the menu selection.  

Smoked Meats

Smoked Brisket

Tender, smoky brisket with bold flavor, slow-cooked to perfection. Perfect for your bbq cravings.

Pulled Pork

Juicy, slow-smoked pulled pork, seasoned to perfection. The ultimate BBQ treat!

Smoked Turkey (pulled or sliced)

Succulent, smoky turkey, seasoned to perfection. A delicious BBQ delight!

Smoked chicken (pulled)

Tender, smoky pulled chicken, seasoned to perfection. Perfect for any BBQ feast!

Smoked Prime Rib

Juicy, smoky prime rib, slow-cooked to perfection. An unforgettable BBQ experience!

Reverse seared tenderloin

Tender, juicy reverse seared tenderloin, perfectly seasoned and grilled. A BBQ gem!

Spare Ribs

Fall-off-the-bone tender, smoky spare ribs, seasoned to perfection. The ultimate BBQ indulgence!

Smoked sausage

Savory, smoky sausage, perfectly seasoned and grilled. A delicious BBQ staple!

Honey seared beef burnt ends

Tender, sweet honey seared beef burnt ends, smokey and full of flavor. A BBQ delight!

Honey seared pork belly burnt ends

Juicy, sweet honey seared pork belly burnt ends, smokey and delicious. The ultimate BBQ treat!

Smoked lobster tail (special requests only)

Succulent, smoky lobster tail, grilled to perfection. A rare and delightful BBQ experience!



Crisp and refreshing coleslaw, perfectly seasoned with a tangy dressing. The perfect BBQ side!

Potato salad

Creamy, flavorful potato salad, made with tender potatoes and seasonings. A BBQ classic!

Smoked mac and cheese

Creamy, smoky mac and cheese, made with sharp cheddar. A delicious BBQ twist on a classic!

Loaded cowboy beans (with brisket, pork belly and sausage)

Hearty, smoky beans loaded with brisket, pork belly, and sausage. A delicious BBQ staple!

Garlic mashed potatoes

Rich, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, perfectly seasoned and fluffy. A must-have BBQ side!


Homemade banana pudding

Sweet and creamy homemade banana pudding, made with ripe bananas and vanilla wafers. A BBQ dessert classic!

Bourbon glazed brioche bread pudding

Rich, sweet bourbon glazed brioche bread pudding, baked to perfection. A decadent BBQ dessert!

Juicy brisket for Frisco catering events
Juicy brisket for frisco catering events