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end your event with a smile on your face, barbeque on your fingertips, and a belly full of smoked meat!
sliced smoked brisket and burnt ends for frisco catering
Catering smoked brisket burnt ends for frisco catering
Catering smoked brisket for frisco catering
sliced smoked brisket for frisco catering

How to book your event

1. Give us a call to get started

2. We'll plan a date and time to arrive with your food

3. Eat amazing smoked meats at your event!

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Let's make your event a success!

You'll get the best quality homemade smoked meat and sides cooled in a high-quality cooking facility for you and your event guests.

Eat delicious smoked meat that melts in your mouth

Moist pulled pork, melt in your mouth smoked brisket, flavorful burnt ends, and more delicious foods!

Leave the cooking to us while you be a great host!

You shouldn't have to worry about feeding your guests at your event. We'll take care of that for you!

Make your guests fall in love with your event

Feed your guests delicious smoked meats and sides so that they fall in love with the event you've created.

feel satisfied with the experience you've created

After all the hard work you made to bring everyone together, you deserve to feel satisfied with your experience.

Book Us for Your Event

"Okay, as a 230 pound Texan Powerlifter, you can bet I have high standards for BBQ food. I've been eating it since I was out of the womb! I thought there was no way I could have BBQ that was better than what I have already had. . . boy was I pleasantly mistaken! It was THE BEST barbeque I've ever had! Even better than Hutchins and Hard 8!

Christopher Saldana

"I cannot explain how delicious his pulled pork is! Sgt Sully has impeccable instinct and incredible skill with flavor coupled with tender moist meat perfection! His “Standard” was topped with perfect compliment of flavor of cold slaw and BBQ sauce, I wish I had more of it to eat! He’s professional and down to earth, perfect for an intimate gathering or larger event!"

Lanay Renstrom

"Sgt. Sully's Smoked meat is second to none!!  The owner Andrew is amazing and his smoked pork is even better!  So flavorful and juicy you will love it! I recommend him to everyone I know!"

Ryan Roodenburg

I had Sgt Sully smoke some brisket for a birthday party this weekend. It was by far some of the best brisket Ive had ever. You could taste the quality of work put into turning that brisket into a smoked masterpiece.  Will definitely use his service again!

John Polus

I ordered a smoked brisket over thanksgiving weekend because we had family in from out of state. That was the best brisket I have ever had. Way to represent!!!!  Highly recommend

Ryan Owen

Amazing!  Nothing but the best quality meat and service!  The owner is a US Marine Corps veteran, and he takes extreme pride in his work!  Be sure to go by and support him now!

Matt Cross

I live and breathe by this guys food.  His pulled pork sandwich called the "standard" is a MUST have.  Check him out if you can you will not be disappointed.

John Crouch

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should i book my event?

We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date.

In most cases we need to book at least 7 days in advance to properly schedule staff for the event.  Please Book Us For Your Event so we can save a spot for you and contact you to discuss.

Is there a travel fee?

For events that are outside the Frisco Texas area, we may charge a travel/mileage fee to cover labor, utilities and fuel. We'll gladly work with you on a case by case basis.


A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the estimated cost is due at the agreement. The full balance will be due 72 hours before the event.

Choose one of these options

Event Catering

We'll bring the type and quantity of smoked meats you need for your event so you can focus on being a great host.

High quality, juicy, delicious BBQ for your event!
Homemade BBQ provided and ready to eat!
Feel proud of the event you created with amazing food
Become the best Event Host your community has!

On-Site Food Truck

Want a special experience for you and your guests at your event? A food truck with juicy delicious BBQ will do that for you!

High quality, juicy, delicious BBQ for your event!
Feed your guests with homemade BBQ that's made-to-order
Create a memorable experience for your guests as the host
Become the best Event Host your community has!
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